About Us

The Fort St. John Friendship Society, through its various programs, services, community events and activities serves a large activities, serves a large population base – from babies to Elders. We strive to make our programs and services multi-faceted in term of a balance of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional leaning, while incorporating the sharing of Aboriginal values, traditions and culture as a component of delivery. We have worked hard to make our center a welcoming, safe, inclusive space for all people in an effort to create an environment that fosters positive relations, networking, understanding and respect for individuality and awareness of the rich diversity of all cultures and Nations.

FSJ Staff


The Fort St. John Friendship Society is a non-profit, community based, organization registered under the Societies Act. Established on April 8, 1969 and incorporated on February 16, 1970, the Fort St. John Friendship Society has been an integral part of the community of Fort St. John for over 50 years.


In the 1960’s, two women with a common dream worked together to make it a reality. Their dream was born out of a community concern for the growing number of people, Native and non-Native, who were coming to Fort St. John only to find themselves on the streets. They envisioned a building where people who were in need could come for shelter and support.


Under the direction and guidance of Millie Poplar and Trudy Carlson, a small group of concerned citizens band together and the Fort St. John Friendship Centre came into being on April 18, 1969. Originally, they met in houses, schools and churches. Their very first organized meeting was held in the basement of the Catholic Church. In the spring of 1969, the Anglican Church donated an old army building, called Wolfendale Hall. By the end of that summer, $1,500 had been raised. An additional $5,500 was raised through rummage sales, donations and bingos to purchase a warehouse, which was added on to Wolfendale Hall to form the first Centre.


The name of our programing includes the word “Keeginaw”, this word derives from the Cree language, meaning “Our Home”.


Our membership’s grant you access to various events held at the Fort St. John Friendship Society, this includes our annual Halloween and Christmas parties and AGM meetings. Our events are Family Friendly and inclusive to everyone.

Yearly memberships are available for $5/ person. Children are free.

If you are interested in becoming a member please come into our centre located at 10208-95th Avenue, Fort St. John BC V1J 1J2 where you can fill out and submit an application form.